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In this climate of uncertainty many banks and other financial institutions like to see professional business plans setting out the full facts before a lending proposition can be considered.

A business plan will highlight any weaknesses that may occur and can often mean the difference between a business growing or actually failing.

The business plan details the envisaged financial performance including cash flows and projected profit and loss accounts and balance sheets. The plan will cover 3 to 5 years business operations. The report outlines your objectives, your strategies, your strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats and your understanding of the market place you operate within. This means out process is very much strategic business planning. Our financial forecasts go into great detail. It will demonstrate what funding is required and whether you have the financial clout to see it through. Profits can look great but overtrading may cause cash starvation and be unworkable.

You need to provide us with much information but worry not, we will ask you the necessary questions for data extraction. We take the time to listen to you, we will analyze past financial achievements and absorb your future expectations, we also use our data bases for implementing key statistical information.

A completed plan, once set out, gives you the opportunity to look at where you will be in 5 years and whether this meets your expectations. If this future position is not where you want to be we will explore alternative business strategies which may assist.

No application for funding should be made without the be-spoke plan. This applies to finance from; banks, asset financiers, private loan initiatives, Business Link , building societies , merchant banks and grant applications.

Plans are also used for acquisitions, take overs and mergers as well as for survival.

Our high quality business plans are easy to follow and we will attend any presentation needed to help secure your funding.

Over the years we have built up our reputation to the point where we are now have’ preferred accountant’ status for many High street banks.

We can also introduce you to banks and other sources of finance if necessary. We are very well connected for fund raising.

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