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Strategic Financial Planning

Brearley & Co Strategic Financial Planning is designed to improve the communication between accountant and client by providing a clear and professional analysis of key financial information. Strategic Financial planning is a vital tool in creating value-added services and improving client performance.

Strategic Planning allows fast and accurate analysis of key financial information. The package allows you to instantly ‘stress test’ your financials, uncover the cause of any difficulties, create projections and illustrate complex ‘what-if’ scenarios.

‘What-if’ analysis

Strategic Planning allows for a wide range of complex scenarios to be illustrated in a simple and straightforward way.

For example:

What if sales improve by 10 %?

What will the impact be if I reduce debtor days from 70days to 60?

What will be the impact on cashflow if I increase my volume by 5%

‘What-if’ analysis can be carried out on any entry in the profit & loss or balance sheet drivers as well as in the financial statement columns. Simply change the number and the software will instantly recalculate the business model to show the impact of the change. Multiple Undo, Redo and “return to base model” options allow you to quickly evaluate and pursue different strategies.

‘Goal- Seeking’ analysis

Strategic Planning’s goal seeking function allows you to set a financial object and illustrate what strategy changes will be needed in order to meet that specific goal. To carry out a goal-seek, simply change any variable (or combination of variables)to the required figure and the goal -seeking screen will appear to illustrate what speps are needed to achieve the desired result.

The system will then allow you to decide which of these steps are realistic and appropriate, helping you to develop a complete strategy to achieve your goal.

Unlimited strategy development options

Dynamic budget vs. actual reporting allows you to make projections as you budget. Just two periods of profit & loss and balance sheet data are needed to begin the process. Within twenty minutes of beginning the loading process, you will be able to discuss detailed financial diagnostic reports.

Once strategic planning is loaded, a wide range of analysis tools are available at the push of a few keystrokes. The system carries out an instant and comprehensive health- check which identifies key business drivers, results and performance measures. A professional fourteen-page diagnostic report that summarises the key findings can also be printed out.

The system provides a ‘graphics view’ option which is specifically designed to communicate financial strategy clearly to someone with limited financial expertise. The easy-to-understand flowcharts are ideal for presenting financial information to your board members.

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